For Me, For You

A Virtual companion...

... who improves your lifestyle.


MeeYoo feeds on pictures of your food. Keep eating this delicious pizza? He’ll become fat and slow…


MeeYoo replenishes its energy when you sleep. Monitor your sleep, get better rhythm, start your day on the right foot!


MeeYoo gets stronger when you walk, jog and do fitness games. Make him level up by burning off your calories!


MeeYoo uses state of the art artificial intelligence. Grow your own IQ to make him smarter.


MeeYoo wants you to meet real people. You know, from the real world? Meet new friends & turn MeeYoo into a leader!


MeeYoo needs your help to go back from where he came… Train, compete and love to reach his home in the Clouds!

MeeYoo Animated


Artificial intelligence

MeeYoo is a virtual pet using research grade artificial intelligence.

He analyses the pictures you give him, your speech, your emotions.

He develops its own personality based on you: he feeds on your food, exercises when you do sport, becomes smarter when you learn.

He is in symbiosis with you, to become your friend, to make you a better individual.

  • Cute Creature

    Customize him, talk to him, grow a new friend.

  • Lifestyle

    Get more healthy, smart & popular

  • Science

    Use and improve Artificial Intelligence


They bring MeeYoo to the world
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Stéphane Lallée

PhD in Neuro-robotics
Cognition Expert
Software Engineer

“Do you believe robots can have feelings? I do.”
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Symbiotic AI
Quick learner

“Mee lonely. Yoo adopt Mee?”

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